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Ready Stock | Spoon Rest Assorted

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A spoon rest is often overlooked as a kitchen accessory, but it isn’t simply a knickknack. A great spoon rest is a highly functional and indispensable tool for making life in the kitchen easier. Why? Even people who really love being in the kitchen aren’t so crazy about cleaning, and a spoon rest makes that particular chore easier. Instead of placing your tomato sauce-coated spoon on your clean counter, you can place it neatly in your spoon rest where it waits, drip free, for the next time you need to stir. When serving a hearty batch of chili out of your Dutch oven, a nice spoon rest gives you an alternative to precariously balancing your ladle over the rim or handle of the pot, where it can fall and splash chili all over your stovetop, walls, and floor.  

Its functionality is important, but a spoon rest does add a personal touch to your decor. Some home cooks will want the most multipurpose tool possible, while others will want one that’s attractive—but still works.

Here are the best spoon rests for both types of shoppers.

Dimension: 14-16cm  dia. spoon x 25-30cm length

Material: Stoneware or Steel

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