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PRE-ORDER Pikalula Scented Nappy Bags 150 bags - Easy Dispense Disposable Diaper Bags

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Pikalula Nappy Bags are convenient to carry around and easy to dispense. With tie-up handles and an odour neutralising fragrance, this will help make your day a little bit more mess-free.

Pikalula’s Nappy Bags are designed for disposing of dirty diapers while preventing leakage of unpleasant smells and substances.  

Pikalula’s Nappy Bags are made from EPI’S Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TPDA), which means that they are 100% bio-degradable. Now you can dispose of babe’s dirty diapers without worrying about single-use plastic, because the nappy bag will ultimately bio-degrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass!

How to use Pikalula’s Nappy Bag:

1. Place the dirty diaper inside Pikalula’s Nappy Bag.

2. Knot the handles together and ta-da! Everything including the smell will be contained.

3. Safely dispose.

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