Pikalula was created for parents, by parents. Initially trying to find better baby products for her own child, founder Pika soon ventured into producing baby and children essentials for other parents who also want the best. In all her years of experience as a mother of four, Pika has come across her fair share of parenting challenges and has learned how to overcome them. Now she provides the solutions to other parents.

Our mission is to Make Parenting Easy, so that parents can find joy in nurturing and raising their littles. We believe that happy parents raise happy kids. We aim to reduce parents' mental load by recognising challenges ahead of time and providing solutions that are convenient, sustainable and affordable.

Moms and Dads can rest assured that they are getting the best for their little ones, ranging from daily essentials to a close-knit parenting community that embraces the ups and downs of parenthood.

Our goal is for Pikalula to be a household name amongst parents of all stages, whether they are venturing parenthood for the first time or have just been promoted to grandparents. We want to be every parents' best friend, because we Make Parenting Easy.

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